Chloroplast molecular genetics

Group leader

PortraitGoldschmidt-ClermontProf. Michel Goldschmidt-Clermont
Professeur titulaire

Phone : +41 22 379 61 88

Email : Michel.Goldschmidt-Clermont(at)

Address Laboratory of Chloroplast Molecular Genetics
Dpt of Botany and Plant Biology
University of Geneva, Sciences III
Quai Ernest-Ansermet 30
CH-1211 Geneva 4
Research topic
We investigate how two genomes, in the nuclear and in the chloroplast compartments, coordinate their activities to construct and maintain the photosynthetic apparatus. In another aspect of our research, we try to better understand how the photosynthetic machinery responds to changes in environmental conditions, and in particular to variations in the quality and intensity of light. The unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and the flowering land plant Arabidopsis thaliana are our experimental models.

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