Michel Goldschmidt-Clermont



+41 22 379 61 88

Labs 2055 - 2059


Chloroplast Molecular Genetics




Research Interests

We investigate how two genomes, in the nuclear and in the chloroplast compartments, coordinate their activities to construct and maintain the photosynthetic apparatus. In another aspect of our research, we try to better understand how the photosynthetic machinery responds to changes in environmental conditions, and in particular to variations in the quality and intensity of light. The unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and the flowering land plant Arabidopsis thaliana are our experimental models.


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Key Publications

Allorent G., Lefebvre-Legendre L., Chappuis R., Kuntz M., Truong T.B., Niyogi K.K., Ulm R. & Goldschmidt-Clermont M.: UV-B photoreceptor-mediated protection of the photosynthetic machinery in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2016, 113(51):14864-14869. PMID: 27930292.

Douchi D., Qu Y., Longoni P., Legendre-Lefebvre L., Johnson X., Schmitz-Linneweber C. & Goldschmidt-Clermont M.: A Nucleus-Encoded Chloroplast Phosphoprotein Governs Expression of the Photosystem I Subunit PsaC in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
Plant Cell 2016, 28(5):1182-99. PMID: 27113776.

Longoni P., Douchi D., Cariti F., Fucile G. & Goldschmidt-Clermont M.: Phosphorylation of the Light-Harvesting Complex II Isoform Lhcb2 Is Central to State Transitions.
Plant Physiol 2015, 169(4):2874-83. PMID: 26438789.


Further Reading

Demarsy E., Goldschmidt-Clermont M. & Ulm R.: Coping with 'Dark Sides of the Sun' through Photoreceptor Signaling.
Trends Plant Sci 2018, 23(3):260-271. PMID: 29233601.

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Goldschmidt-Clermont M. & Bassi R.: Sharing light between two photosystems: mechanism of state transitions.
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