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Mauro Tonolla

Bellinzona, Ticino
+41 91 814 60 74

Microbial Ecology and Biosafety


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Research Interests

The activity of this laboratory that is part of the Institute of Microbiology in Tessin, is centered on phylogeny, typing and detection of micro-organisms in the fields of epidemiology, biosecurity and microbial ecology (populations of stratified aquatic ecosystems).


Key Publications

Danza, F., Storelli, N., Roman, S., Lüdin, S.and Tonolla, M. (2017) Dynamic cellular complexity of anoxygenic phototrophic sulfur bacteria in the chemocline of meromictic Lake Cadagno. PloS one, vol. 12 (12) pp. 1-17.

Sommer, T., Danza, F., Berg, J., Sengupta, A., Costantinescu, G., Tokyay, T., Bürgmann, H., Dressler, Y., Sepúlveda Steiner, O., Schubert, C., Tonolla, M. and Wüest, A. (2017) Bacteria-induced mixing in natural waters. Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 44 (18) pp. 9424-9432.

Storelli, N., Peduzzi, S., Saad, M., Frigaard, N.-U., Perret, X. and Tonolla, M. (2013) CO2 assimilation in the chemocline of Lake Cadagno is dominated by a few types of phototrophic purple sulfur bacteria. FEMS microbiology ecology, vol. 84 (2) pp. 421-432.


Further Reading

Jørgensen, M., Gregersen, L., Daugbjerg, N., Frigaard, N.-U. (2017) Lake Cadagno, Microbial Life in Crenogenic Meromixis. In Ecology of Meromictic Lakes, Gulati Ramesh D. , Zadereev Egor S. , Degermendzhi Andrei G., Ecological Studies. Springer.



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