How to find us

We are located in two areas. A majority of our groups as well as the secretariat of the department are in the Sciences III building, on the first and second floors. The address is Boulevard d'Yvoy 4, 1205 Geneva. The Plant Biodiversity Centre is located in the Botanical Garden of the City of Geneva (see directions here).

Directions to Sciences III

From the Airport by public transport

There is a ticket machine in the luggage hall, on the right wall before you go through customs. It will print out a free 80 min ticket (price is 3 CHF for 1 hr otherwise). Exit upstairs on the departure level. On your left you will find the Airport bus stop, take the bus line 5 (see the timetable) and stop at "Bel-Air" (~25 min). Wait for the bus 2 or 19 (direction "Onex-Cité") and stop at "Sainte-Clothilde" (~10 min).

Sciences III is two-minute walk away from the bus stop "Sainte-Clothilde", see the map below:

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The trip will be 40-45 min. long in total, depending on the bus connexion.


It is also possible to travel by train to Geneva main station (duration 5 min, every ~20 min). The station is situated at the far end of the airport, on the arrival level. Allow 10 min from the customs to the train platform. Then from Geneva station, take the tram 14, direction "P+R Bernex" (further details in the following paragraph).


From Geneva train station ("Cornavin") by public transport

Several bus/tram lines are possible. The easiest option is to take the tram 14, direction "P+R Bernex". The station is located in the tunnel under the railways, on your right when you exit from the main hall to "Place de Cornavin". Stop at "Jonction" (fifth stop, ~10 min).

You will need a one-hour, full-price ticket, which costs 3 CHF. On the ticket machine select "Billet Tout Genève" (a day card will be cheaper if you plan to take the bus three times or more during the day).

Sciences III is five-minute walk away from the tram stop "Jonction", see the map below:

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By taxi

From the airport, a taxi ride to Sciences III should cost around 40 CHF. From Geneva Cornavin train station, it should be 20-25 CHF. Sciences III address is: Boulevard d'Yvoy 4.


By car

Driving in Geneva may be quite unpleasant during rush hours (before 9 AM and after 4 PM), except during summer break. Also, public parkings are expensive (see for instance this page for the hourly rate at Quai-Ansermet, in French).

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Other University buildings

The University of Geneva does not form a campus, instead the faculties are spread in the city. See the following map where the main buildings are depicted (click on their label):

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