Master in Biology, Option Molecular Plant Sciences

Scientist with Arabidopsis plants
Scientist with Chlamydomonas plate


General description

The Master in Biology – Option Molecular Plant Sciences (MPS) offers a wide program of lectures and courses. The goal of this programme is to understand plant science at the molecular level through an integrative approach combining developmental processes, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry and physiology and the response of the plant to environmental factors. Topics have been chosen that are part of vibrant research areas in contemporary plant science. Both basic and applied topics will be highlighted providing the student with an in-depth education and the skills required for scientific work in the field of plant sciences or related areas.


Program (courses and seminars, total 60 ECTS)

The languages of the program will be English and French, but it will be possible to select a curriculum entirely in English.

See the program page and the MPS page of the Section of Biology website.



Research training opportunities (45 weeks full time, 60 ECTS) will be available in laboratories that are active in the following areas:

Prof. M. Barberon Plant Nutrition and Development
Prof. T. Fitzpatrick Vitamin metabolism, environmental stress responses
Prof. M. Hothorn Structural Plant Biology
Prof. L. Lopez-Molina Control of seed germination
Dr. Y. Naciri, Dr. M. Perret (CJB) Plant population genetics and phylogenetics
Prof. R. Ulm UV-B perception and signalling


Program coordinators

Prof. Teresa Fitzpatrick
Prof. Roman Ulm



A limited number of fellowships are available on a competitive basis from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Geneva.

Further details



Students must register before the beginning of the Autumn semester with the Secretariat of the Section of Biology, using the form below. Other information may be found on the Master's page of the Section of Biology. For any question you may write to Prof. Teresa Fitzpatrick.


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