Yamama Naciri

Conservatory and Botanical Garden
Ch. de l'Impératrice 1
CH-1292 Chambésy
+41 22 418 51 65

Plant Biodiversity Centre


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Research Interests

Our research focuses on the study of biodiversity, with special interests in the systematics, distribution, phylogenomics, population genomics, phylogeography and evolution of plants and fungi. Situated at the Conservatory and Botanical Garden of Geneva (CJBG), the Plant Biodiversity Centre is divided into four different laboratories, all of which using specific tools, the MorphoLab (anatomy and micromorphology), the CryptoLab (microscopy and chromatography), the GISLab (SIG-remote sensing and teledetection), and the PhyloLab (Phylogenomics and genomics). Within the CJBG, nine research groups are presently active:



Key Publications

García-Martín J.M., Zamora J.C. & Lado C.:
Multigene phylogeny of the order Physarales (Myxomycetes, Amoebozoa): shedding light on the dark-spored clade.
Persoonia 2023, 51:89-124. PMID: 38665983. DOI: 10.3767/persoonia.2023.51.02.

Christe C., Boluda C.G., Koubínová D., Gautier L. & Naciri Y.:
New genetic markers for Sapotaceae phylogenomics: More than 600 nuclear genes applicable from family to population levels.
Mol Phylogenet Evol 2021, 160:107123. PMID: 33610647. DOI: 10.1016/j.ympev.2021.107123.

Naciri Y. & Linder P.:
Species delimitation and relationships: the dance of the seven veils.
Taxon 2015, 64: 3–16. DOI: 10.12705/641.24.

Serrano-Serrano M.L., Marcionetti A., Perret M. & Salamin N.:
Transcriptomic resources for an endemic Neotropical plant lineage (Gesneriaceae).
Appl Plant Sci 2017, 5(4):1600135. PMID: 28439475. DOI: 10.3732/apps.1600135.

Sanguet A., Wyler N., Petitpierre B., Honeck E., Poussin C., Martin P. & Lehmann A.:
Beyond topo-climatic predictors: Does habitats distribution and remote sensing information improve predictions of species distribution models?
Glob Ecol Conserv 2022, 39:e02286. DOI: 10.1016/j.gecco.2022.e02286.

Stauffer F.W., Eychenne J., Ortega N. & Balslev H.:
Structural biology and evolution in the monotypic Amazonian palm Wendlandiella (Arecoideae: Chamaedoreeae).
Candollea 2019, 74:15-30. DOI: 10.15553/c2019v741a3.



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