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Latest papers

Rochaix J.D.: The Pyrenoid: An Overlooked Organelle Comes out of Age.
Cell 2017, 171(1):28-29. PMID: 28938119.

Jung J.Y., Ried M.K., Hothorn M. & Poirier Y.: Control of plant phosphate homeostasis by inositol pyrophosphates and the SPX domain.
Curr Opin Biotechnol 2017, 49:156-162. PMID: 28889038.

Posth N.R., Bristow L.A., Cox R.P., Habicht K.S., Danza F., Tonolla M., Frigaard N.U. & Canfield D.E.: Carbon isotope fractionation by anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria in euxinic Lake Cadagno.
Geobiology 2017. PMID: 28866873.

Mangel N., Fudge J.B., Fitzpatrick T.B., Gruissem W. & Vanderschuren H.: Vitamin B1 diversity and characterization of biosynthesis genes in cassava.
J Exp Bot 2017, 68(13):3351-3363. PMID: 28859374.

Moejes F.W., Matuszynska A., Adhikari K., Bassi R., Cariti F., Cogne G., Dikaios I., Falciatore A., Finazzi G., Flori S., Goldschmidt-Clermont M., Magni S., Maguire J., Le Monnier A., Müller K., Poolman M., Singh D., Spelberg S., Stella G.R., Succurro A., Taddei L., Urbain B., Villanova V., Zabke C. & Ebenhöh O.: A systems-wide understanding of photosynthetic acclimation in algae and higher plants.
J Exp Bot 2017, 68(11):2667-2681. PMID: 28830099.

Zhao L., Cheng D., Huang X., Chen M., Dall'Osto L., Xing J., Gao L., Li L., Wang Y., Bassi R., Peng L., Wang Y., Rochaix J.D. & Huang F.: A Light Harvesting Complex-Like Protein in Maintenance of Photosynthetic Components in Chlamydomonas.
Plant Physiol 2017. PMID: 28637830.

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