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Ziegler D., Pothier J.F., Ardley J., Fossou R.K., Pflüger V., de Meyer S., Vogel G., Tonolla M., Howieson J., Reeve W. & Perret X.: Ribosomal protein biomarkers provide root nodule bacterial identification by MALDI-TOF MS.
Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 2015. PMID: 25776061.

Lefebvre-Legendre L., Choquet Y., Kuras R., Loubéry S., Douchi D. & Goldschmidt-Clermont M.: A nucleus-encoded helical-repeat protein which is regulated by iron availability controls chloroplast psaA mRNA expression in Chlamydomonas.
Plant Physiol 2015. PMID: 25673777.

Yin R., Arongaus A.B., Binkert M. & Ulm R.: Two Distinct Domains of the UVR8 Photoreceptor Interact with COP1 to Initiate UV-B Signaling in Arabidopsis.
Plant Cell 2015, 27(1):202-13. PMID: 25627067.

Ramundo S. & Rochaix J.D.: Controlling Expression of Genes in the Unicellular Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii with a Vitamin-Repressible Riboswitch.
Methods Enzymol 2015, 550:267-81. PMID: 25605390.

Trček J. & Barja F.: Updates on quick identification of acetic acid bacteria with a focus on the 16S-23S rRNA gene internal transcribed spacer and the analysis of cell proteins by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.
Int J Food Microbiol 2014, 196C:137-144. PMID: 25589227.

Boycheva S., Dominguez A., Rolcik J., Boller T. & Fitzpatrick T.B.: Consequences of a deficit in vitamin B6 biosynthesis de novo for hormone homeostasis and root development in Arabidopsis.
Plant Physiol 2015, 167(1):102-17. PMID: 25475669.

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