Michael Hothorn




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Structural Plant Biology




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Research Interests

  • Plant membrane signal transduction
  • Inositol pyrophosphate and inorganic polyphosphate metabolism and signaling


Key Publications

Hohmann U., Santiago J., Nicolet J., Olsson V., Spiga F.M., Hothorn L.A., Butenko M.A. & Hothorn M.: Mechanistic basis for the activation of plant membrane receptor kinases by SERK-family coreceptors.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2018, 115(13):3488-3493. PMID: 29531026.

Wild R., Gerasimaite R., Jung J.Y., Truffault V., Pavlovic I., Schmidt A., Saiardi A., Jessen H.J., Poirier Y., Hothorn M. & Mayer A.: Control of eukaryotic phosphate homeostasis by inositol polyphosphate sensor domains.
Science 2016, 352(6288):986-90. PMID: 27080106.

Santiago J., Brandt B., Wildhagen M., Hohmann U., Hothorn L.A., Butenko M.A. & Hothorn M.: Mechanistic insight into a peptide hormone signaling complex mediating floral organ abscission.
Elife 2016, 5. PMID: 27058169.

Santiago J., Henzler C. & Hothorn M.: Molecular mechanism for plant steroid receptor activation by somatic embryogenesis co-receptor kinases.
Science 2013, 341(6148):889-92. PMID: 23929946.


Further Reading

Jung J.Y., Ried M.K., Hothorn M. & Poirier Y.: Control of plant phosphate homeostasis by inositol pyrophosphates and the SPX domain.
Curr Opin Biotechnol 2018, 49:156-162. PMID: 28889038.

Hohmann U., Lau K. & Hothorn M.: The Structural Basis of Ligand Perception and Signal Activation by Receptor Kinases.
Annu Rev Plant Biol 2017, 68:109-137. PMID: 28125280.